Improve Your Pet’s Diet with Healthy Treats for Dogs

Pets are not much different than humans when it comes to nutrition.  In order to maintain the best health in our pets, we need to follow the same rules that apply to us.  Healthy treats for dogs are as important for our pets as healthy treats for people.  The rule that “dogs will eat anything” does hold true for the majority of our four legged friends, however, if we really look at it closely, it also holds true for most humans.  If you look around at grocery stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, convenience stores restaurants and pubs, the list of foods available is endless. We are responsible for our own health and what we choose to consume.  Our pets are not as fortunate, they depend on us for their food, comfort and safety, and don’t have the freedom of choice.  While buying the cheapest dog food and treats may seem like a good idea financially, this option will cost you more in the long run.  Like people, a long term diet of nutritionally poor foods will lead to health problems later in life. Many of these are costly and can be fatal.

HealthyTreatsHealthy treats for dogs are more than just a tasty item from a pet food bag. Healthy treats for dogs are only really healthy if they contain the ingredients and nutritional value needed for your specific dog (breed).  This mean no chemicals, no useless fillers and no harmful preservatives.  If it is going to benefit your dog, it needs to contain nothing but natural foods that they can digest and use. This type of feeding is extremely beneficial.   A long term healthy pet diet will result in fewer veterinarian trips or complications.  The extra money spent on a healthy diet is more than saved in future vet bills.  Your pet will process and properly digest foods and the more they process and use, the less waste is expelled.  Dog excrement will be dramatically reduced when they are not consuming useless food. This also has another benefit.  A properly digested meal will last longer and keep your pet fuller, longer. You do not need to be alarmed by the idea of purchasing countless bags of a more expensive food because it is being fully digested and they will not eat as much of it compared to other brands.

By-products and fillers are important to watch for when you are purchasing healthy treats for dogs too.  Fillers are foods used to increase the volume of the product but offer no real nutritional value.  A dog treat made from chicken, for example, has two options: the manufacturer can purchase a large volume of chicken and make the treats entirely of this product, or the manufacturer can purchase half the volume of chicken and substitute a filler such as rice or cornmeal to add volume and reduce cost.  Your dog will consume the chicken but will not need the cornmeal.  The result is a treat at a lower cost but with half the nutritional value and a large amount of ingredients that your pet will not benefit from.  They will expel the foods that they could not digest and will be hungry again much sooner. By-products work much the same way.  An animal by-product is the parts of the animal left over after the main processing has been completed. Again, with chicken as an example, a meat manufacturing company may be selling chicken to markets for human consumption where they sell the breasts, legs, wings and thighs as their main products.  Items such as the undeveloped eggs, intestines, feet and neck that are not sellable to humans are sold to pet food manufacturers to use in their dog food. For the pet manufacturers this increases the volume of the bag of food as a filler and allows them to confidently advertise that there is chicken in their pet food and treats.  Well there is chicken, but not the parts that you want your pet to eat.

By carefully choosing what you are feeding your pets and by selecting healthy treats for dogs that are free from fillers, by-products, chemicals and pesticides, you are making the choice to improve your dog’s life.  Pets are an extension of our families and they are as dependent on you for their quality of life as your own children are.  You would not knowingly degrade the life of yourself or your children, why would you purposely choose a poor lifestyle for your pets?  The foods that you feed your dog are as important as exercise and human interaction.  Choosing healthy treats for dogs is an important step in improving their quality of life.

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats are a Way to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Did you know that dogs can be allergic to food just like people can? Dog allergies work just like human allergies. There will be a particular food that a particular dog’s system just can’t handle, even though it’s perfectly safe for most dogs to eat. Allergic reactions in dogs can range from minor skin irritations to eye irritations, diarrhea and even severe illness. None of it is pleasant to deal with for either the dogs or for the humans that love them! If your dog is allergic to one or more of the traditional ingredients in dog food, it isn’t time to panic. Many of the lower grade commercial foods are the ones you need to avoid. The higher-end foods provide better quality ingredients with less allergy-causing fillers. So remember, there are still plenty of healthy meals out there for your four-legged best friend. You can even get hypoallergenic dog treats for them, so they don’t feel left out at snack time!

Many food allergies in dogs are the result of sub-par ingredients in dog food. Commercial dog foods contain a surprising amount of food that dogs can’t digest properly. Cereal grains are the worst offenders—foods like corn and wheat, that dogs would never eat in their natural state. Dogs’ digestive systems aren’t meant to handle this type of food and while some dogs aren’t harmed by them, they aren’t helped by them either. Dog treats also fall prey to this bad composition. One of the first things you’ll notice about hypoallergenic dog treats is that they don’t contain grain-based ingredients. One particular way to attempt to fix your dog’s food concerns is by testing them out on a raw food diet. This diet consists of ground raw meats, raw bone and often raw fruits or vegetables. This diet eliminates all the fillers and nasty by-products found in commercial foods and kibbles – you’ll notice a difference.  This sort of regular diet will pair well with hypoallergenic dog treats too because they are also all natural.

Another advantage to hypoallergenic dog treats is that, unlike many foods that could be considered a treat, these dog treats don’t have to feel like a guilty pleasure for your dog. They contain the same healthy ingredients as good dog food, so you can feel good about treating them to something nice. This especially comes in handy when you’re training your dog and you want to have a guilt-free reward to offer them for good behavior. It’s also nice to have some good dog treats on hand to give them for no real reason—just because you love them. You should always opt for hypoallergenic dog treats over table scraps or other ‘human’ foods as these can exacerbate allergies or cause an upset stomach.

Having a dog with a food allergy can seem difficult at first, but it’s not the end of the world and it’s certainly not the end of your friendship with your special canine companion. It just means that you need to be extra careful about what you let them eat. Just like with “people food”, dog food companies list the ingredients in their food on the packaging it comes in. It’s easy enough to read over the list and make sure it doesn’t contain any problem foods for your dog. If you want to make extra sure that you’ve got hypoallergenic dog treats, a good dog food company will be happy to address any questions you ask them. Having a pet with special food needs does not need to be a burden. Once you find the treats and foods that work for your pup – stick with it!

You love your dog, and you’re not going to love them any less because they have extra dietary concerns. All dog owners know that one of the quickest ways to a dog’s heart is through their stomach, so most dog owners like to have a supply of treats on hand as a special way to say “I love you” to their furry friends. If your dog has a food allergy, pick up some of our hypoallergenic dog treats for them, give them lots of love and insist on a healthy diet. It will make you both happy!